Loving Care Cat Rescue

Thank you for contacting Loving Care Cat Rescue.We are a foster based rescue which means
we have no facility and rely solely on foster home availability. We receive multiple
requests daily to take in cats and kittens, and as a result all our foster homes are
currently very full. Although we are unable to be of assistance at this time, please take
a moment to complete the information below in the event we do have an opening and can be
of assistance.

Please note: If you are contacting us regarding a stray, particularly if friendly, there is a good
chance that the kitty has a home and is lost. Please do the following to attempt to find the owner:
1. Take the cat to a local veterinarian or shelter to scan for a microchip
2. Review the LOST animals listed on Facebook Page "Find Toby in PA". If not listed,
please list there as Found. This site has a strong following and there is a good
chance the owners have listed the cat as lost. Or will see your Found listing.
3. Also and are good resources for handling lost/found cats

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Location of Cats/Kittens: *

Please describe in detail* the situation you are contacting us about including
reason for surrender, and all pertinent information relative to the cat(s)/kitten(s):

* Including-#of cats and/or kittens, their current living situation, is the current situation safe,
are they friendly/scared/feral, how long have you known of this situation?
If a stray, have you checked for a microchip and listed as Found and checked all possibilities
for a "lost" listing? And all other details you can share.
Given that LCCR does not currently have availability,
Please click here to view a list of other rescues.

Version September 2021